" Overview Concept- to- Market Navigators for Connected  Health Innovators" 


"​​Concept-to-Market Navigators for Connected Health Innovators"

Rick Krohn is a colleague and friend who has been a thought leader in the rapidly evolving connected health environment. His inquisitive approach to helping the industry shape practical solutions that appeal to millennials and others who take seriously their responsibility in managing health and wellness has been insightful. Rick thinks strategically and analytical as few others have been able to do, probing the kinds of questions that health care leaders try to solve. His energy is infectious yet his is thoughtful in his approaches to suggest that as the industry evolves, not all the technologies will stick, as each leads to more interoperable solutions to help manage health and wellness.”

-Mary Alice Annecharico, MS, RN, FHIMSS
Sr. VP and CIO 
Henry Ford Health System
Detroit, MI

"Rick has pushed himself forward in the quest to truly understand the role of digital health in mainstream healthcare, and has challenged and welcomed others in this important journey. He has a knack for stepping back from the details and asking the bigger picture questions such that he never loses focus on the most important factors – patient engagement, health outcomes and economic impact. He is a choreographer par excellence, and often can help weave together what would otherwise be quite disparate perspectives and dialogues into a singular cohesive discussion with purpose.”

- Anand K. Iyer, PhD MBA
Chief Strategy Officer
WellDoc, Inc.

“Rick is an insightful, thoughtful leader who is able to provide focus and analytics to problem solving and root cause analysis. He brings creative solutions to pressing problems.”

-Lourdes Winberry, Associate Dean for Health Affairs, George Washington University Hospital 

“I had the pleasure of working with Rick Krohn on several HIMSS publications. Rick's experience as an industry evangelist and innovator in connected health provided the leadership needed to make these projects a success.”  

-Jeff Brandt, Software Architecture Consultant and HIMSS security luminary

“Many people have experience or technical know-how. Rick combines all that with vision, insight, common sense and smarts. I have worked with Rick on a couple projects so far, and each time have benefited from his guidance and wisdom. His recommendations provided the outside view I needed to stay on track, and to ensure my project's success. He's also a thoughtful and enjoyable guy to work with, and someone I trust.” 

- John Senall
Principal, Digital Healthcom Group

"Rick Krohn is one of the top experts who is consistently looking ahead to how healthcare will be delivered in the future. We are honored to run his columns, which consistently challenge the thinking of our readers. He offers unbiased views of technology directions, particularly in the areas of mHealth, the Internet of Things and HIT planning. We’re always looking to give our readers a glimpse for where healthcare information technology is heading, and Rick is one of the key thought leaders that helps us to accomplish that mission."

-Fred Bazzoli, Editor

Health Data Management

"Rick has a deep understanding of the healthcare market and applies that understanding the the work he performs in market assessments, marketing, product positioning, and advising. What seperates Rick from the crowd is the passion from which he does his job. It provides him the in depth insight that would otherwise be missed. In addition, when Rick commits to a timeline consider it done!" 

-Jim Bureau, SVP Global Sales